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Master Bus Transformer
Master Bus Transformer
Master Bus Transformer
Master Bus Transformer
Master Bus Transformer
Master Bus Transformer
Master Bus Transformer
Master Bus Transformer

Master Bus Transformer

  • W pełni analogowe urządzenie, łączące w sobie korektor i kompresor jak i dodatkowe funkcje, co poszerzy, ociepli, wzmocni czy osłodzi każdy materiał źródłowy zachowując pełną charakterystykę tego legendarnego brzmienia Neve.
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For over six decades, audio transformers have been the bedrock of Mr. Rupert Neve’s audio circuit design philosophy – and Rupert Neve Designs’ bespoke transformers are an integral part of virtually every RND product.

Packed with these transformers, the MBT provides an incredible array of flavorful options designed to sweeten, enhance, drive, widen, and utterly transform source material, making it the ultimate tool for musical coloration.

With 3 octave ranges, gentle slopes and minimal phase shifts, the all-new 2-band Shelf EQ section was created with an emphasis on simplicity and elegance. This smooth & musical EQ is excellent at providing just the right amount of tonal enhancement – especially when it is interacting with the other sections of the MBT.

Each band has +/- 9dB of gain control, with the LF EQ corner frequency variable from 30Hz to 240Hz and the HF EQ corner frequency variable from 3kHz to 24kHz.

The LF band is excellent at either taming or accentuating low-end to give source material an exacting amount of weight and power.

The HF band provides a wide range of corner frequencies to choose from, allowing adjustments to be made from the upper midrange all the way up to the very top end, giving tracks extra shine and clarity.

One exciting aspect of using the MBT is discovering how the different sections can interact with each other. Sometimes the EQ can be dialed in first, other times it can be left alone until the other sections are dialed in. One thing is certain: the MBT encourages experimentation at every turn.


With an all-new optical compressor design, the Color Comp excels at accentuating the non-linear distortion and “colorful” characteristics of the Opto cell to bring source material a new sense of life and depth.

The Color Comp includes two selectable ratios, a sweepable high pass side-chain filter, variable threshold and release, 20dB of Class-A makeup gain, and a Blend control for parallel processing.

The Width section is designed to increase the perceived stereo spread without losing low-end focus.

While inspired by the Stereo Field Editor (SFE) “WIDTH” controls found on our award-winning Master Buss Processor , the MBT’s Width section has several key differences:

  • The Width control on the MBT is additive only, with a greater range for more extreme operation.

  • There is a variable high-pass filter (50Hz to 800Hz) to adjust the Width content, so that low frequencies remain more centered in the mix as the mids and highs are spread out to create more space.

  • Additionally, there is subtle high frequency tapering of the Width content to avoid overemphasizing harsher HF tones.

Super Silk

Introduced nearly twenty years ago, the Silk circuit has long been a favorite for Rupert Neve Designs users. First available as a simple on/off switch, then with selectable Red and Blue modes and the variable Texture control, Silk exists to enhance and control even and odd order harmonic content in any source material.

Super Silk is the latest advancement to this beloved technology: with independent Red, Blue, Harmonics and Zener Drive controls, plus the ability to adjust gain into (and out of) the circuit, harmonic manipulation is taken to a whole new level with the MBT.



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