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Interstellar Quantum - A/D Converter
Interstellar Quantum - A/D Converter
Interstellar Quantum - A/D Converter
Interstellar Quantum - A/D Converter
Interstellar Quantum - A/D Converter
Interstellar Quantum - A/D Converter

Interstellar Quantum - A/D Converter

  • Konwerter analogowo-cyfrowy
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The Crane Song Interstellar Quantum AD Converter is a stereo analog-to-digital converter using Crane Song’s acclaimed Quantum clocking technology with DSP harmonic distortion.

Crane Song’s Quantum technology provides extremely accurate sub-picosecond jitter rejection which translates into superior imaging, depth of sound and detailed transient response.

Three DSP-based harmonic saturation controls offer a choice between Triode and Pentode Tubes as well as Tape saturation adding analog flavor if required. The Interstellar also provide 16-bit dithering.

On the back of the DAC you’ll find the inputs and outputs. The input options are AES, S/PDIF, Optical, and USB. The AES input connects over XLR, S/PDIF via RCA Phono, and Optical goes in on Toslink. USB allows you to connect the Solaris directly to your computer and use it as a dual-channel/stand-alone output-only interface.

On-The-Go Conversion and Monitor control. There will be situations where you find yourself away from your studio set up and you still need to work on mixes. For example, you may be on tour and you’re working on edits and mixes on the road. Or you find you need to tweak balances for live performance backing tracks. Whatever the case, Solaris gives you that clear image you’ve been working within the studio. Just plug up via USB and you’ve got your Crane Song sound feeding your portable rig. You can take it a step further and feed the backing track mix to Front Of House and deliver the pristine Crane Song sound to be part of the live performance.

Digital Source Switcher. You may have a few digital sources in your studio, DAW on USB, a playback device on AES, another one on S/PDIF, and a third unit outputting Optical. The Solaris easily switches between these various formats.


  • Standalone Stereo AD converter
  • Quantum AD conversion technology
  • sub Pico imaging
  • USB I/O
  • Triode, Pentode and Tape DSP harmonic distortion
  • Wordclock Output
  • AES, SPDIF, Optical, USB output sources
  • 32-bit/192 kHz operation
  • 16-bit dithering
  • Power: 25 watts at 115 or 230 volts, 50 or 60 Hz
  • Made in U.S.A
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